A New Beginning


Although I’ve had some previous experience with blogging for some classes throughout college, I’ve never had a blog to personally put my thoughts and beliefs onto the internet. I always thought I’d be like Jenna from the MTV show, “Awkward” doing something like this but over the years I’ve realized how much of a growing passion I have for writing and how I want people to have an idea of what’s going on in my head. Through starting this blog I’m hoping to broaden my horizons through reading and hearing the opinions and thoughts of other people, but also gaining more knowledge about myself. I’m a person that speaks very little but has many thoughts in this mind of mine that’ll pose questions that the normal person would probably never think of actually asking. This is just the beginning, and although my thoughts and post may seem scattered they’re just the thoughts of a girl trying to find her way through life.


One thought on “A New Beginning

  1. exactly, that’s the way to keep your thoughts upfront; without fear of being judged,
    and that’s a quality essential to a great writer,
    i am also hoping to help you broaden your horizons and also doing the same for myself in the way,
    well life’s awkward and scattered, but let’s live it that way.

    bring on the thoughts.

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